We are living in an era with a lot of freebies.  I have found the majority of them hidden in the cyber space.  What I enjoy the most is the free ebooks.  When I said free, I meant free as in no monetary exchange and no breaking the laws.  The one website I like the most is “Project Gutenberg”.  Many of the ebooks available for download on that site are free and there is no copyright issue to download the ebooks in the United States.  As stated by the site, copyright for many of these books has expired in the United States.  Others still copyrighted can be downloaded or can have copies given away if you restrict your use to educational and non commercial one.      

 It is therefore safe to download the ebooks without violating the copyright in the US, so long as you use it for your own personal reading. 


Here are the links to my favorite free ebooks websites:




Another source is your public library.  You can download ebooks and audio books too.  It is a great resource especially for our kids.  I would sometimes play audio books to them.  It is a great way to improve their vocabulary and listening skill  .

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