My rambling for the day – about government mentality and bureaucracy


Can we tell who is telling more lies?  Obama or Romney?  Who knows?  However, fundamentally, you know what each party's focus is and that is what you vote for.  Also, I know it is not going to get better under Obama.  With Romney, the chance is 50/50.  So would I bet on that?  Yes. 


I once told our school board that change is always hard to take and we all tend to resist changes because it breaks the routine that we feel so comfortable with.  However, improvement cannot be made without changes and innovation brings change (though it may come at a price).  We are in a world of change every day and we are required to adapt and succeed in changing times and global competition.  Did I get them to look into my proposal?  No.  I was given the usual response that people had proposed similar changes several times and was denied each time due to extensive research required.  When I provided suggestions to look into studies done by other schools (there are 26 schools already implementing this change) implementing the change to cut down the time and effort for the extensive research, and asked for the status of the research, I was told that the research was not even conducted due to its complexity.  How can you complete a research when you don’t even put an effort into starting the research?  When I questioned what was based upon to make the decision for not implementing the change?  They gave me the usual answer again that the decision is complicated and that it impacts many people (school bus drivers and teachers union) and stopped there.  Have they talked to them to see if they would support the change?  There are 26 schools out there implementing this change.  How did they get the teachers union to support this idea?  No, they don’t even bother to ask because changes mean more work.  By the way, I do support labor unions but not all unions especially teachers' union in America for reasons I will talk about when I have time.  Unions exist for a reason but not to misuse it power.  I have seen too much MISUSE of POWER in teachers' unions in America.  That's why you see more significant changes made in private sectors but not in public sectors.  That's why you see great improvements made in private sectors but not in public sectors to sustain the changing world.  Though our school district is pretty good but it still falls in that government mentality.  This is where you see inefficiency in government bureaucracy.  This is also why I am extremely intolerable of the KMT government in Taiwan and all its policies.   


Written by Elisa English

On October 26th, 2012


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