Differences in Word Usage.


I thought that it would be beneficial to list the differences in word usage of some.   I will continue to add the words to the list as they come to my mind.


Some of these, I might have described in details in my previous articles and you will see links to these articles.  The ones without links are the ones I haven't written.  As I write one, I will place the link then.


1.  Anyone vs. Everyone

2.  All vs. All Of 

3.  Although vs. Despite 

4.   Another vs. The Other

5.   At vs. In vs. On (prepositions of time)

6.   At vs. In vs. On (prepositions of place)

7.  Complete vs. Whole 

8.  Different from vs. Different than

9.  Envious vs. Jealous

10.  Even if vs. Even so vs. Even Though

11.  Except vs. Except for

12.  Expiration vs. Expiry

13.  Grammatical error vs. Grammar error

14.  How do you think vs. What do you think

15.  If vs. Whether

16.  In itself vs. Itself

17.  It vs. So 

18.  Just vs. Only

19.  Wait on vs. Wait for

20.  Wicked vs. Wickedly

21.   Worth vs. Worthy of



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