It is almost summer.  Everyday seems a gorgeous day to me with temperature ranging from 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  You cannot ask for more than that.  Every morning, I am waked up by birds’ singing.  I am thinking they might be nightingales.  Seeing birds flying around my house is really a magnificent view.  I have seen blue jays, orioles, cardinals, sparrows and some birds I cannot identify.  Cardinals are my favorite.  I like their bright red colors.  My husband likes them for their relation to the baseball team he likes the most.   I have so much to thank for to be able to find such a tranquilizing place to live in, surrounded by the wonder of the nature.  We have watched from our windows a little fox turning into a teenage fox, turtles planting their roots at our backyard, tree frogs jumping near our pond, woodpeckers pecking at our house siding, owls turning their head 360 degrees resting on the tree, raccoons fighting with the dogs, chipmunks, squirrels woodchucks and moles digging holes on our lawn, mother deer playing with baby deer, , ducks and geese families fighting on the pond for territory, and male pheasants extending their colorful feathers competing for female attention.  It is just like a zoo out there right in front of our eyes.  Not to mention all kinds of insects.


You might wonder where I live.  It is not a remote area, a countryside or a farm area.  Our house is about 5 minutes drive away from several clinics, a supermarket, a Target store, a fast food restaurant, Walgreens, and various stores.  Our house is located right next to a nature-preserved park and our backyard extends into the park.  Yet, it is secluded enough that people from the park cannot access to our house.  It is wonderful and educational for our kids to grow up in this environment to learn all the nature around them.  My son has seen a mother turtle laying eggs just right at the front yard of his daycare center.      


Even though it is a nice place to stay where we live, we do try to visit different areas from time to time to get our kids exposed to different environment and people.  My husband has quite a few business trips each year.  With my generous vacation due to my position in my company, we have been able to travel a lot in the US each year.  My son is very fortunate to be able to travel since he was 9 months old.  He is five now.  He has taken 21 trips so far and we are leaving for Newport Beach soon.  My daughter has taken 10 trips now since she was 7 months old and she just turned 2 not long ago.  I hope to visit Europe one day when our kids are old enough and worth the plane tickets.


For now, I am grateful to be able to visit so many places and there are still so many national parks waiting for our exploration.

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