What a hypocrite and so cunning.  I have to admit that Obama is one smart guy.  He sure knows how to secure and increase votes for his party’s election by exempting the union members from exercise tax, by rewarding illegal immigrants with amnesty and by condemning Republicans for failure of immigration reform.


His rationale for his immigration reform was the impossibility to deport these eleven million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States.  The only solution is to turn all of them into legal immigrants.  Why don’t we broadcast to the world that sneaking into the United States is no longer illegal.  As long as you set a foot on the American soil, you will become a US citizen.  Isn’t this sweet? 


Obama, by singling out that Republican votes are all that is needed to pass this immigration reform, is telling the voters that if immigration reform fails, Republicans are the only one to be blamed.  Isn’t that clever?  In pushing for legislation, the president is making political gains ahead of the November elections.  If the immigration reform does pass, he will get the votes from these eleven million illegal immigrants and their friends and families who are legal immigrants.  If the immigration reform does not pass, Republicans will be condemned by the legal immigrants who are friends and families of the illegal immigrants and Obama will benefit from that too.  While the dogs growled at each other, the wolves devoured the sheep.



I don’t know how Obama justified buying election votes from Unions by granting them exemption from exercise tax.  A 40% exercise tax is imposed on high cost health insurance plan, including medical, vision and dental, offered by unions and employers with cost above the threshold of $8,000 for individual coverage and $21,000 for family coverage.  The purpose of it is to fund part of health care reform, to pay for the expansion of health insurance coverage to the uninsured.  However, many of these plans are negotiated under collective bargaining agreements.  I am not against union members.  I just wonder why they would need union protection to exempt themselves from the Cadillac tax if union members can afford high cost health plan.  With union members exempted from the Cadillac tax, there is a shortage of $60 billion from the original plan that needs to be paid by the rest of us.  We are likely to see increases in other taxes. 


All these reforms from Obama!  What a shame!  All for vote hunting! 




Written by Elisa English

On 7/01/2010 in Minneapolis 


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