in the face on the face 有什麼不同?


In my face (in the face): 在我面前 (面前)
On my face (on the face) :
在我臉上 (臉上)

"Please slap me on the face" is physically asking a person to slap my face.

"On the face" has more of a physical action.


A slap in the face is more about a sharp criticism or insult.  


打臉 是用 on the face
Please slap me on the face, so I can be more clear-headed. 
臉上, 讓我頭腦清晰 


How dare you say it in my face!






This is a slap in my face. 







What a slap in the face!






In the face of = in spite of, 儘管; when confronted with, 面臨 


For example: 


She persevered in the face of many obstacles


They were steadfast in the face of disaster



On the face of it = superficially, 表面上看來 


For example:


On the face of it, there was no hope for a comeback.


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