The book that I recently read to my son was “C’est ta Faute!” by Evelyne Brisou-Pellen.  The storyline is pretty interesting.


C’est ta faute! 

It is your fault.



Ce n’est pas ma faute.

That is not my fault.   



Alors, à qui la faute finalement

That being so, whose fault is it in the end?

既然如此, 到底最終是誰的錯呢?



This makes me wonder.  Is it that important to find out whose fault it is to the nth degree?  Trying to find out whom to blame does not resolve the problem.  I believe the reason that we keep finding someone to blame is to rid off our responsibility.  It is an easy way out.  If we are not the one who caused the problem, we don’t have to find a way to fix it.  However, is that the right attitude?  Since what’s happening is impacting all of us, shouldn’t we think of how to resolve the problem rather than wasting the time, trying to find out whom to blame.    


I would recommend reading this book to your kids to teach them the right attitude to face problems.


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