Reading a book over 1,000 pages is not easy, let alone writing a book review about it, especially that it is a well known classic.


I have dreaded to write a book review for this book as I do not know how to gather all my thoughts together and to capture the essence of the book.  I am constantly flooded with emotions.  Anyway, instead of calling it a book review, I will just write about my thought of the book. 


Les Miserables is a beautiful tale, rich in details and characters intertwined.  It is a book about love, war, fear, suspense and sacrifice.  It is not an easy read considering the length of the story and a somewhat heavy storyline.  A lot of time I was so overwhelmed with my emotion that it was hard for me to continue reading the book. 


Les Miserables depicts the constant struggle of Val Jean, a rehabilitated criminal, to adhere to the truth and to restore his honor.  Though unceasingly pushed down by societal law, he continues his road to redemption.  Out lifted by God, he maintains his selflessness and virtues.


When I read the story, there is also the conflict of justice.  What is justice?  What is right and what is wrong?  Some people are so righteous and quick to judge.  I am no exception.  Can we see the world in just black and white?  Should we give people a second chance?   


Javert, the inspector, exposed to gray by Val Jean, has his entire world overturned and his whole understanding of right and wrong eradicated.  He finally committed suicide, unable to handle the enlightenment. 


In this book, you see through the heart and soul of the characters.  You feel the horrors of Paris during the French revolution.  You feel empathy for the characters.  You experience what they experience.  Your emotion follows their emotion.  You are exposed to the reality of the society. 


In the story, I also see the beauty of humanity that no war can deprive us of. 


It is a beautifully written book.  I highly recommend reading this book.


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