This is one of my earlier translations when I first started answering questions in Yahoo Knowledge in March 2008.  I would like to share it with you all.


Omnipresent oyster farms, Taiwan Salt Corporation Salt Mountain and salty popsicles are the unique features of this region.

In addition, located at the outlet of Tsengwen River , the endangered "Black-faced Spoonbills" are extremely famous in the eyes of the preservation groups around the world.

Not only can you see salts piling up like Snow Mountain in Cigu Salt Fields, you can also see birds’ footprints everywhere at the oasis of the sea corner. This is the best and most uncrowded spot for bird watching.

Arriving in Chungliao at dusk, watching the sun sinking towards the horizon, bathing Hsiliao Village in golden radiance, with fishing boats returning to the docks fully loaded, I believe this to be the most spectacular scenery ever.

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