I am always struggling to find time for myself.  There are so many things to do, yet so little time.  Hence, reading blogs is the last thing on my mind.  If I find time to read blogs, I would always try to read blogs related to Taiwan.  Though I have been away from Taiwan for a long time, I still find Taiwan irresistible.  In addition, all my families except my brother live in Taiwan. 


Some of you might have known that I have a very strong political preference.  I only talk about it at my personal blog where I have set restrictions on who can comment on my articles.  The main reason is to prevent unwelcome messages and to get into pointless debates since I am neither a polished diplomat nor a savvy politician.  I usually try to forewarn my readers of any article I wrote that may contain my political bitching.  This way, everyone is happy.  You choose what you would like to read and I choose what I like to write.  That is the freedom of speech, the freedom of press so long as belittling, direct personal attack, or point-blank insinuation is not involved.  What we don’t want to see is the proliferation of Nazis and the condoning of Nazi-like behaviors.  If you have read my book review of “The Book Thief”, you would know what I meant.         


Anyway, this is the list.  I have categorized the blogs so it is easier for you to find whatever suits your need.  It is still work–in-progress, so please visit again for any update.



Taiwan Bloggers regarding Politics:

(1)    David on Formosa

I really like David on Formosa.  He is an Australian living in Taiwan.  He has a very keen insight in Taiwan’s politics.  Want to know who he is?  Please click on the following link http://blog.taiwan-guide.org/about/   He also has a blog written in Chinese http://davidtaiwan.wordpress.com/


(2)    The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato

J Michael Cole is a Canadian living in Taiwan.  To know more about J Michael Cole, please click on the following link http://www.blogger.com/profile/12125612369359079447


(3)    The View from Taiwan

Michael Turton is a Texan living in Taiwan.  In addition to writing his comments on Taiwan’s politics, Michael Turton has also written several articles about living in Taiwan.  Here is one about Taiwanese Food.  http://www.michaelturton.com/Taiwan/food.html   


The above 3 blogs are my favorite blogs.  If I have time, I would usually read their blogs.  If I have more time, I will try to read some of the blogs I listed below.


(4) It's Not Democracy, It's A Conspiracy

(5)    Stocks and Politics

(6)    Echo Taiwan

(7)    Letters from Taiwan (台灣加油)

(8)    That’s Impossible! Politics from Taiwan

(9)    In Claudia Jean's Eyes

(10)    Taiwan Matters

(11)Talk Taiwan (談台灣)

(12)Democratic Progress Party


News about Taiwan:

(1)    Taipei Times

(2)    Taiwan News

(3)    Liberty Time (由時報)


Blogs about Taiwan:

(1)    An Expatriate in Taiwan  

(2)    Patrick Cowsill


Taiwan Bloggers in Chinese

(1)    邪惡經濟帝國右元帥 – a very interesting blog. 

(2)    Billypan的部落格


Taiwanese Language:

(1)    鄉土語言相關網站

(2)    客語華語閩語教學


Taiwanese Recipes:

I am a lousy cook.  You might wonder why I even bother to read the recipes of my favorite Taiwanese dishes.  It is just to get a visual treat and to satisfy my cravings although a lot of the time, I ended up hungering for real food. It is a torture. 

(1)    Yu Mei 生活廚房

(2)  Micky's Fav. Taiwanese Recipes

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