A couple of days ago, our company issued a social media policy.  In that it stated, the easiest ways to remain in compliance when using social media sites are: (1) not to identify the company as your employer, (2) not to use social media to do business or communicate about work, and (3) not to provide any information about the company or its brands.  In addition, to help avoid regulatory issues, consider qualifying opinions with appropriate disclaimers such as: The views expressed are mine only and do not represent the views of my employer or anyone else”. 


My company is a public company in a high-profile industry regulated by the SEC and FINRA.  I know that I have not discussed any work-related topics.  Wouldn't you hate to talk about work outside of work, since we've all spent too much time working already? 


To protect my company’s reputation, I have added the above disclaimer.  In addition, I have pulled off any reference to my company just to err on the safe side, since some of the articles on my blogs contain some controversial remarks. 


Anyway, I thought that I would let you know in case you are trying to figure out which company I work for and why I made such a statement. 


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