My Rambling of the Day: Spring Cleaning / Got Suntanned!



Spring Cleaning

It is time for spring cleaning again even though spring is almost over. Again, I will be deleting some of the articles that I wrote here. If you miss any of my older articles, you can still find them at


Is that all my spring cleaning? What are you expecting? I hate doing household chores.



Got Suntanned!

My daughter came home one day with the color of her hands as dark as that of a black person. I actually blurted out, “Oh, My God!” which didn’t seem to help the situation. She was very upset with me and said that it was my entire fault. Yeah, don’t we all know that? Anything that goes wrong in her life is mommy’s fault. Sadly, I have to admit that I am the most unpopular person in my family.


I have rather fair skin on which my daughter takes after me. Unlike my son and my husband, my daughter and I don’t get suntanned easily even in the summer, under the sun, without sunscreen on. So I was quite surprised to see the skin color on her hands, not covered by the long sleeves, changed so dramatically to dark color in just a day. Not that I am against darker skin, both my husband and my son have darker skin. Anyway, she asked to bring a bottle of sunscreen lotion to school. We do need to watch out for the danger of the Ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation even though it is not summer yet.


By the way, my son was born with red skin color but his skin color turned into lighter color later. I can’t remember when his skin color changed darker, maybe around the age of five. I was born with lighter skin color and have stayed with the same light color since then. I am wondering if the color of my daughter’s skin will change later. It really doesn’t matter as long as she is healthy.  Oh, about my unpopularity in my house, my daughter complains about not having black and shiny hair.  She blamed her dark brown hair on me as well.  I tried to make her feel good by comparing her hair to her best friend who also has dark brown hair.  She just kicked my feet.  Oh well!  It is just life.  You can't always get what you want.        


Written by Elisa English

On May 17th, 2012


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