I am not really in a mood to write anything yet.  The vacation has come to an end and I have about four hours to sleep before heading to work.  Anyway, I thought that you might be interested in seeing the pictures I took this year.  Yes, I have already taken quite a few pictures in year 2010, using my new camera.  I have nagged my husband for it for years and he finally gave in for the reason that I need to have an ultra compact thin camera, fit in a purse, not to miss out any photo shooting opportunity.  The camera is a Sony W230 with 12.0 mega pixle and 3.0 LCD dispaly (compared to the one we bought in 2002, which is 3.2 mega pixle with a 1.5 or 2.0 LCD display).  I can't really tell the difference.  The only difference I see is that the file size is larger as well as the LCD display.  I do like that the LCD display is larger.  My husband seems to notice that I am able to hold the camera straighter.  He used to complain that the photos I shot always looked tilted.  A flaw I see is the sensitivity of the buttons.  I would always accidentally press the button and shot the pictures unintentionally.  As a result, more deleted pictures. 

By the way, since the image size is larger, it may take longer to load the pictures.  Please let me know how it feels.  Maybe I can try to resize them when I have time and learn the trick.       

 DSC00285.JPG DSC00311.JPG DSC00319.JPG DSC00323.JPG  DSC00338.JPG DSC00340.JPG DSC00341.JPG DSC00343-1.jpg DSC00344-1.jpg



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