I would like to share a translation from someone I acquainted lately.  He has graciously  allowed me to post it on my blog but would like to stay anonymous.  I like his version of the translation and his choice of words.  By the way, if you haven't read my version of the translation.  This is the link.  http://elisaenglish.pixnet.net/blog/post/903079 


Cicadas of Autumn

Listen as I breathe chilliness into spring streams

Witness as I turn green foliage into golden dreams

Some say that autumn bestows distraught in one's heart

Alas, for the distraught fails to see the misty forest’s splendid art

Flowers wilt, flowers fall,

for they all pave way to a maple-red fall

Spread your wings, little sparrow, up you soar

Though meagerly clothed, I shall endure winter’s roar

Inevitably, autumn is upon us, autumn is upon us

Seasons come and seasons go,

for spring and summer succumb to autumn gold

Splendors are the autumn scenes

for they bid farewell when winter tolls

Don’t dwell and let time slip you by

Never dwell and let precious time slip on by


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