What is a scavenger hunt?  I never realized that you might not know its meaning when I wrote the article: A Bone Scavenger Hunt, until recently when I found out that someone was directed to my article when searching for its meaning.

A scavenger hunt 尋寶遊戲 is a game where teams of players are provided with a list with specific items to be collected and tasks to be completed.  These items are hidden in various areas of a specific location.  Hints are provided to help players locate the items, so it is not like finding a needle in a hay stack.  Whichever team completes gathering the items and performing the tasks from the list first wins the game.  

It is a popular team building activity in the US.  The one I attended last was at Mall of America several years ago.  It is a huge mall if you have visited the place, so it was quite interesting trying to figure out which item was hidden in which store and then to pinpoint out where in the store that item could be located.  One of the tasks I remembered was to mimic the mannequins, which was rather embarrassing. 


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