What is your priority?


My husband often says that I am an odd person, not easily influenced, with a strange logic and a stubborn mind that is beyond anyone’s comprehension.  I can only say that I am a unique person with my own sense of priorities and principles.  I am oblivious to many trivial stuff, trivial compared to my sense of priorities.  Life is short.  There is so little time for so many things, so it is important for me to focus on my priorities. 


There are not many things that I care about except for my love ones and to be true to myself.  I cannot understand why some people would waste their valuable time blowing trivial things up and making a huge fuss over them.  I can never understand people acting like a drama queen, stirring up the pot and whining about something so insignificant, in an attempt to seek attention.  They remind me of Lady Gaga.  That is just how I feel.  You don’t have to care about how I feel.  We are all just passersby in this world. 


Life is short.  Be practical.  Why wasting so much time on non-essential things and fighting over nonsense?  Why sweating over the small stuff?  Is it so hard to live a life without resorting to demagogy? 


Speaking of practical, my husband also thinks that I sometimes act too practical.  Oh, well, I like who I am and I know what is important in my life.  If that is too practical, so be it.   


Written By Elisa English, 版權所

On 9/17/10 in Minneapolis 


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