Last night, we went for buffet for the only reason that my son wanted to eat sugar bread and my idea of going to a decent Chinese restaurant to have decent Chinese food went down the drain.  I don’t like to dine at restaurants offering Chinese buffet for their poor quality of food.  Though plenty of seafood was served, the freshness of the food was questionable.  In addition, they are good at selling a pig in a poke.  A so-called ginger-and-scallion crab is nonetheless just a crab shell stuffed with watery fish slurry.  I hated the meal until I got to the dessert portion.  I was pleasantly surprised to find “longan”, a fruit I have not tasted for more than two decades.  I filled my plate with about two dozen of them.  After pigging out on half of them, I realized that I might have been swallowing worms without noticing them.  I took off my glasses and started examining each longan before I put it in my mouth.  Suddenly my mind wandered back to the time when I was still a single living in an apartment.  At that time, I was very close to an old lady who lived right above me.  We often dined together.  Somehow, I was puzzled by her oblivion of the ants on her utensils and the leftover scraps stuck on her clean plates when she served the dishes at home.  It is probably hard to understand it until you get to the age when you develop presbyopia.  The closer you get to an object, the blurrier it gets.  I suppose that I am somewhat lucky to have shortsightedness.  All I need to do now is to take off my glasses and everything will look crystal clear even with the fine prints. 


Written by Elisa English

On 7/26/2010 in Minneapolis 


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