A secret


This is a secret only known by my husband and my kids.  Now I am letting the cat out of the bag.  I have worn a body shaper for 6 weeks and have reduced 6 pounds of weight.  Maybe to some, reducing a pound a week isn’t that big a news, but to me, I am very satisfied.  I did not purposely go on diet.  What I did was wearing a body shaper.  The purpose of that was to allow me to fit in some of my older pants and to spare me the headache of finding new ones.  The results were more than I had bargained for, a better posture and reduced weight. 


Wearing a body shaper helps me to maintain a better posture and prevents me from slouching.   The result is surprisingly good.  In addition, it restricts the amount of food that I can take in, as if I ate too much, I ended up taking anti-acid.  I have reduced 6 pounds in 6 weeks unexpectedly.  Though, it is at a stagnant stage now, I am pretty happy with the results since I did not start out with reducing my weight in mind.  I am a lazy person so as always I look for shortcuts. 


It is not uncomfortable wearing a body shaper.  The type I am wearing is 【蕾黛絲】我型我塑中機能U型半身束.  It is actually pretty cheap.  I bought that in Taiwan for about NT$ 600.   The first picture shown is the one that I am wearing.  I usually wear it from the moment I get out of the door to the moment that I finish my dinner.  I clean it every day and it dries out nicely, so I am able to wear it again the next day.  I would continue to wear it not for the sake of reducing my weight (as I might have reached the point that I have to seriously consider exercise to reduce my weight), but for the sake of maintaining a better posture and being able to continue wearing my older pants. 


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