I really cannot read the news anymore regarding typhoon disaster in Taiwan.  For those of you who asked me questions, I am sorry that my mind is so occupied with Typhoon Morakot to think of anything else.  Maybe a few days later, I will respond back to you.  At this moment, all I can think of is the people who desperately need our help.        


I felt so anguish with the incompetency and the ignorance of the Taiwanese government, adding more to the damage already created by Typhoon Morakot .  I felt so sad that some lives could have been saved but not due to the delay from the government in mobilizing the rescue effort.  Words cannot describe my anguish against the Ma Administration.  It is beyond my comprehension the incompetency and the ignorance of the Ma Government.  Words cannot describe my sadness for the people in Southern Taiwan.  I cried whenever I read the news.  I felt so powerless.  There is nothing that I can do but provide disaster relief to the victims through donation. 


I do hope that people learn this lesson to prevent history from repeating itself.  It is always the people who have to suffer.  The economy suffers when people elect a corrupted government, lives wasted when people elect an incompetent government.  (Though I see the impact from an incompetent government more severe than a corrupted government as lives lost can no longer be revived.)  It is unfair that people have to pay for their misjudgments.  There should be a way to right the wrongs.  There should be a way to let the government knows who is in charge.  The government should be established of the people, by the people and for the people.  If it is not, the ruling government no longer represents the people and should be dissolved.

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