Present Perfect Continuous / Present Perfect Progressive (現在完成進行式)


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1.  Actions began in the past, continue in the present at the time of speaking, and will go on in the future.  Or continuous, ongoing actions, just finished at the time of speaking or writing.

2.  Actions began in the past and stopped recently with a recent result.

3.  Continuous actions without duration


For example:

1.  I have been waiting in line for more than two hours.  (I am still waiting in line now.)

1.  She has been crying since 10 o’clock this morning.  (She is still crying now.)

1.  Joanne has only been shopping for less an hour. 


2.  Steve has been watching TV all morning and he has just stopped watching it. 

2.  TV has been being watched by Steve all morning and he has just stopped watching it.  (It is rather awkward to use present perfect continuous in passive form).

2.  The bathroom smells disgusting.  Who has been smoking here?

2.  You cannot solve the problem because you have not been analyzing the problem.

2.  The house is on fire.  Has anyone been forgetting to turn off the stove?


3.  Lisa has been practicing for her tournament lately.



Elisa文章版權所有 - 請勿竊取.

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