If you want to stay out of the spotlight, don’t bring my daughter with you.  Her non-stop chatting invites too much attention.  She is not a girl to be ignored or temporized.  She will make sure that you hear every word she said.  Wouldn’t you chuckle at the statement, “Hey, you are not listening” followed by the action of twisting your head towards her!  If you hear her talk, you will be illluded into thinking that you hear voice of a nightingale.  (I am probably over-exaggerated again.)    Wherever she goes, we will have strangers smiling at us, saying that she is so cute and her voice so sweet.  Occasionally, we will have strangers coming up to her, asking her name and age.  Luckily, she doesn’t know her home address and phone number. 


The problem with kids growing up in America is being overly friendly.  She is just like a typical American kid, unwary of strangers.  This reminds me of the little girl I met at the swimming pool.  She is not as talkative as my daughter; however, friendlier.  My daughter would not approach a stranger directly.  This little girl came up to us and started telling us stories like we were her best friends.


 Anyway, I should make sure that my daughter gets the concept of not talking to strangers unless the parents approve such behavior. 

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