Politically Incorrect

I can never be politically correct.  I hate politics.  I am too sharp with edges.  Since I hate political debates, I have disabled the function to leave comments on this article.      


I am really sad and somewhat upset today.  I hated that people weren’t straight forward with me.  I had spent so much time gathering information about Taiwan and created a Powerpoint presentation, just so I could showcase Taiwan to the students in my kid’s school at the World Culture Event.  I have to confess that I signed up as the World Culture Event co-chair with an ulterior motive, the opportunity to introduce Taiwan to the students. 


I was glad that I swayed the direction of the World Culture Event of our school from introducing one country “China” to introducing countries in East Asia, including Taiwan.  We already have voluminous information about China at our school since our school offers Chinese Immersion programs.  To prepare for this event, I had spent several days compiling information about Taiwan, hoping to introduce them to the kids, so they have a better understanding of the country.  I was stunned to find out this morning that the other co-chair had put up all the information on the wall about the countries we had selected in East Asia except Taiwan.  Her reason was that the information I provided was too much to post on the wall.  I was totally dumbfounded.  If that was the case, why didn’t she tell me earlier?  I could have trimmed down the information.  I could have picked a few that represented Taiwan.  Why didn’t she say a word at the several meetings that we met?  Why didn’t she ask for my opinion?  Why didn’t she ask for my help?  She said that the information I provided would be shown as a slideshow on the computer, but who would look at the information on the computer when there was so much commotion as the kids busily moved from one station to another.  It was a lot less visible when displayed on the computer, especially when more than half of the time, the computer was locked. 


Anyway, I don’t buy what she said.  She has an infatuation for China.  Her kids are in the Chinese Immersion programs.  I hate to speculate but when it comes to Taiwan vs. China, China always wins.  It is a sad story for the Taiwanese who claims to be a Taiwanese in the US.  Nobody knows you or is willing to know you or cares about knowing you when China has the power.  Maybe I am too pessimmistic.  I just wonder why can't we be more like Israel, fighting for the impossible and eventually creating the possible and owning sovereignty over the land


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