I recently came across a link recommended by someone answering questions on Yahoo knowledge.  The link is .   She believes that you will become an expert in English in no time by watching the videos offered by expertvillage.  Out of curiosity, I clicked the link and found out that it is very similar to YouTube.  I did not go any further into watching the videos.  I am a lazy person and I have never watched any videos from YouTube either.  I prefer watching videos from a big TV screen.


Anyway, I asked her why she would recommend it.  Her response was that it encompasses a wide variety of do-it-yourself topics.  By watching the videos, you get to increase your vocabulary and improve your listening skill.  (I have reworded what she stated but kept the essence of what she was trying to portray)


I thought that I mention it here since I asked her opinions.  It may help to improve your English like she stated.


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