Common Grammar and Usage errors:



1.        Misplaced / Squinting Modifiers

2.      Dangling Modifiers

3.      Run-on Sentences (Fused & Comma Splice) 

4.      Fragment sentences

5.      Misuse or lack of punctuations

6.      Lack of Subject-Verb Agreement

7.      Confusing verb forms and tenses

8.      Confusing pronoun case forms

9.   Use of double negatives

10.     Redundancy

11.    Use of plague words and phrases


Answering Yahoo questions, I have noticed quite a lot of grammar and usage errors committed by people either with little English skill or someone with above average English ability. 


I decided to start compiling some of the common grammar and usage errors.  These are what I can think of for now.  I will continue to add topics to the list as they pop up.


Some of these, I have described in details in my previous articles and you will see links to these articles.  The ones without links are the ones I haven't written.  As I write one, I will place the link then.


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