Sadly I must admit that I may have become a partner in crime and answered about two or three questions related to homework, not knowing the intent of some that may have asked others to do their homework, when I first started answering questions in Yahoo Knowledge.  Those questions have since been removed, but I still kept the answers.        


This is what I wrote about 三分鐘6個人英文對話關墜機事件.   I decided to post it here as I see that there is still value in learning how to write something like this as long as you are learning, not copying.


This is it.



I can give you a start.  These conversations probably take a little bit over 2 minutes to 3 minutes.  I hope that you can elaborate from here rather than taking the entire content.



A: Have you heard about the news this morning?
B: Anything special?
C: I heard that a plane crashed into the Rocky Mountain . But I don’t know the details.
D: How horrible!  What’s the casualty?  Anyone injured?
A: The rescuers are still searching for the survivors. We don’t know how bad it is.
E: This is so sad. I am really sorry to hear that. I hope that everyone survived.
C: I can’t imagine how I would take it if anyone close to me was in that plane.
D: These must be the unbearable hours for the families, waiting for the unknown.
F: Oh. The breaking news just came in. The authorities suspected that this could be a terrorist attack. Up until now, they have not found any survivors. They are still looking for the black box to get more insight on what happened and how it happened.
A: I hope that this is not another 911. I really cannot take anything like that anymore. Innocent people died just because the terrorists wanted to get the world noticed, and followed their belief. This is truly sad.
C: I agreed. I am fed up with these terrorists. Car bombing, plane crashing, missile launching. Why can’t we all live peacefully together, tolerating all religions and getting rid of aristocracy, and communism?
D: I don’t think that we are asking too much. I hope that day will finally come.
F: You wish!
D: You don’t sound very optimistic!
F: It is not easy. Some of these beliefs are engrained in their mind. I think it will be hard for me to see a world like Utopia in my living years.
A: Let’s just pray. We should never give up.


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