(1) Ogle

= to look flirtatiously, to stare at (someone) lustfully, 
to look at (someone) with obvious sexual interest.

拋媚, 送秋波

She has been ogling the man for some time.


(2) Crock 說八道

What a load of crock!

All he said is but a crock. 他根本是一派胡言


(3) Immersion 沉浸

Chinese immersion 全中文沉浸式教學(課程)

Language immersion 語言沉浸式課程

English Immersion 全英語沉浸式教學


Language immersion is a method used recently in teaching 2nd language.  Chinese immersion is a class taught only in Chinese with an environment where students and teachers speak Chinese only.  That is, Chinese is used not only in Chinese class but also in Physical Education Class, Art class, Math class, etc.

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