7.  Compound subjects connected by “and”

(a) Verb is mostly plural for compound subjects connected by “and”. 


For example:

Ø Mary and I know exactly what is ahead of us.

Ø Mary and I each chip in some money to fix the house.



(i) When the adjective “each” follows a plural subject, the verb agrees with the subject. 

For example:  We each have our own rooms.   The playgrounds each have basketball courts.


(ii) When “each” is used as a pronoun, it always takes a singular verb. 

For example:   Each of the students is required to turn in the sign up sheet for after school program


(b) Exceptions occur when the parts of the subject are combined to form a single item.


For example:

Ø Bread and butter is my favorite.

Ø Rock and Roll is still one of the most popular music listened by many.

Ø My neighbor and counselor is also my best friend.  (My neighbor is my counselor)



8.  Either .. or / Neither … nor / Not only … but also

With either … or, neither … nor, and not only...but also, the verb generally agrees with the nearest noun.

For example:

Ø Neither Jerry nor Nancy cooperates with me. 

Ø Neither the parents nor the teachers back down on their requests.

Ø Neither the boy nor his parents are here.

Ø Neither the parents nor the boy comes to the graduation party.

Ø Is neither your brother nor your parents coming to the United State ?

Ø Are neither your parents nor your brother coming to the United States ?

Ø Either you or I am to blame.

Ø Are either your parents or your brother coming to the United States ?

Ø Is either your brother or your parents coming to the United States ?

Ø Not only Mary but also John wants to study in Paris .

Ø Not only Mary but also her classmates want a graduation party.

Ø Tom or his brothers are taking a trip to Africa .


9.  in addition to / along with / as well as

The phrase introduced by "in addition to," "along with," or "as well as," modifies the earlier word.


For example:

Ø Mary, along with her sisters, decides to take a trip to Hawaii this coming summer.

Ø My parents, as well as I, are looking for our summer vacation. 

Ø The president, in addition to his cabinet, is proposing a tax cut.


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