I have not looked at the questions from Yahoo Knowledge for about a week.  I have been busy lately with my work.  I used to be able to steal some time from work answering questions from Yahoo Knowledge, but it has been hectic this year.  I am buried with four projects simultaneously; all need to be delivered between April and June, all concerning revenue generation and regulatory compliance. 


In addition, the lack of response from Yahoo Management regarding my recommendation put a damper on my passion.  I am getting tired of answering Yahoo questions.  However, I find writing articles and blogs an interesting substitute.


My muse for the articles comes from answering Yahoo questions and since I have not answered the questions for some time, I couldn’t find my muse.  Instead of coming up with a questionnaire (I will do that later if I have time), I decide to ask you to provide me ideas.


What are the areas that you would like to learn the most, and that you have the most confusion on?  I may write an article on that topic if it is worth writing.




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