Tag question “shall we” vs. “okay” in the “Let’s” statement

There is a subtle difference between “shall we” and “okay” as a tag question in a “Let’s” statement. 

With the tag “shall we” in the “Let’s” statement, we seem to be making more of a declaration in the sentence; while with the tag “okay” in the “Let’s” statement, we seem to be asking for agreement in the sentence. 


For example:

1a .  Let’s go home together, shall we?

ð          => You are declaring that we go home together.

1b.  Let’s stop world hunger, shall we?

1c.  Let’s not fight, shall we?


2a.  Let’s go home together, okay?

ð               =>  You are asking for agreement that we go home together.

2b.  Let’s stop world hunger, okay?

2c.  Let’s not fight, okay?


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