Over the years, my blog readership has grown steadily.  I do not expect that there will be too many people reading my blog as it is neither interesting nor exciting.  In addition, I have kind of derailed from where I started.  I write more about my view rather than grammar explanation which might not satisfy some of my readers’ need.  Anyway, I am glad that you guys are still with me.  If there is something that you would like me to write about or something that you would like me to write more about, you can always leave me a message.  Though I limit who can leave comments on my blog article, I do not restrict who can leave messages to me.  As long as you are courteous and have a good intention and inasmuch as it is within my ability, your question will be answered.


As the number of my subscribers gets closer to 100, I am getting a little bit curious as to who will be the number 100 subscriber.  Maybe I should give that person some incentive to be the number 100 suscriber.  However, I can’t always tell the sequence of when someone becomes a subscriber since I don’t access my blog every day.  What’s more, sometimes, there is more than one subscriber in a day. 


Anyway, if I find time, I will continue working on completing the articles around grammar, though I don’t really like doing that.  I am more interested in writing poems, book reviews, my views and anything that happens around me.  I don’t even like writing fictions or translating Chinese poems.


By the way, I have been doing curl-ups for four weeks.  I stopped for a week due to physical condition.  You know that one week of time in a month when I could not go swimming.  I mentioned earlier that it was not a New Year resolution.  It is easier to keep it that way.  I mean not a New Year resolution.  As if you don’t have huge expectation, you will encounter less frustration and you are more likely to keep the habit.  Since the curl-ups are only for 10 minutes, it is short enough for me to continue the workout without finding any excuse to give it up.  I am now doing 300 curl-ups a day in 10 minutes.  After doing the curl-ups, I will spend another 5 minutes to stretch my body.  I can’t really see any result yet from this workout.  However, considering how long that I have over-indulged myself and let my body go out of shape, it is reasonable to think that it will take time to see any effect.  Like I said earlier, since they are easy curl-ups, I don’t feel the temptation to stop them.  Oh, I found an interesting article: 7 Day Exercise Plan for Fitness and Weight Loss.  Please see link below.  They are just some ideas about fitness and weight loss.  Will I follow it?  Probably not.   



Written by Elisa English

On 2/27/12 in Minneapolis.



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