Male Chauvinism


I am sorry.  I almost fell off my chair when I read this news.  Our society still fills with male chauvinism. 


Why did the husband have to apologize for his wife who watched a Chippendale show?  Let's not talk about whether she did it intentionally or unintentionally.  What’s wrong with her watching a Chippendale show?  Is it more morally degrading to a society than a man watching strip shows?  I can understand that it is hard being a public figure.  Such hypocrisy!


Is it more morally justified and culturally sound for a professor to conduct adultery with his student vs. a woman watching a Chippendale show? 


Just picturing a President of a country with bikini babes frolicking in a hot tub, is that any more appropriate or less degrading and demoralizing to the society compared to a woman watching a Chippendale show?  Maybe the President didn’t frolic with the bikini babes; it was just to show off his body which he is so proud of.


Why is there such a double standard?  So if you are a man and if you are a President, whatever you do is morally justified.  Just look at Bill Clinton and his affair with Monica Lewinsky.


Just for your amusement, these are some photos from that narcissist.  This time, I actually fell off my chair when I saw the pictures.  >.<  


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