We tend to have stereotypes, all kinds of stereotypes, and we all stereotype people to some degree.  For me, I like to think that my son is smarter than my daughter and I tend to only focus on his study since he is in a higher grade level than his sister (3rd grade vs. kindergarten) and since his is a boy.  Maybe it is not a stereotype but more an expectation on boys. 


Recently, we received a letter from the school which indicated that there has been an error in the scoring of the NWEA tests in math and reading taken place earlier this fall for the kindergarteners and the 1st graders.  The corrected result pushes my daughter to the 97 percentile in reading and 95 percentile in math.    


I am starting to wonder if I should take a different approach.  She has been complaining that she doesn’t have friends in school and that she is bored in kindergarten.  Maybe she is the genius of the family.  I like to think that my kids are all genius.  ^.^  Or maybe it is just because of the constant quiz from her brother that gives her that head start.  Her brother likes to quiz her and say that she doesn’t know anything to get that feeling of superiority over her on the basis of intelligence.


Anyway, it is just too early to tell.  We will wait until 1st grade to see if she maintains her intellectual level as in kindergarten.  I do have a different expectation between boys and girls and it is not easy to change that perspective.              


Written by Elisa English

On December 10, 2011

In Minneapolis


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