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A Fictional Story A Glimpse of the Past (Continued)

Written by Elisa English, all rights reserved

Started on 1/29/2011 in Minneapolis.

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Chapter 4:  Amelia

Diana rarely talked about her family; a common trait she and Amelia shared between each other, the reasons of which differed.  As a result, Amelia never pressed Diana to introduce her to her family or to reveal their relationship in public.  They were not easily understood by others.  Amelia was proud of whom she was.  She spoke outwardly and profoundly on her sexuality and frequently involved in gay rights movement just to irritate her hypocritical families. Diana, on the other hand, seemed to be more reserved.  In a sense, it was a way, by not revealing her sexuality that Diana could keep her sanity from the avoidance of any confrontation with or judgment from her family.  Amelia could, however, empathize that homosexuality could be a touching subject for Diana’s father, Dr. Wu, the freedom fighter.  


Amelia did learn about Diana’s family later not personally from Diana but from a press conference broadcasted on TV, followed by in-depth coverage of the background and the achievements of Diana’s father, Dr. Wu, when he received an award from the President for his breakthrough discovery and innovative invention in the scientific realm.  In the press conference, Diana was a recipient of the award as well for partaking in her father’s experiments.   



An eminent scientist he was, Diana’s father was jailed and later exiled from China for his outward criticism against the communist government.  For what he and others had suffered from the brutality of the Chinese Communist, he acted as an activist and continued his anti-communist speech throughout his life in America where basic personal freedom was granted.  Amelia admired Dr. Wu greatly for his courage to stand in front of his own country to fight for the human right and to fight against the injustice laid upon his people.  So when one day, Dr. Wu came to see her, her prevailing emotion was curiosity though mixed with a malignant disquiet in her heart. 


That was a day of shivering wind that brought with it clouds so lugubrious, and rain so piercing.   In Dr. Wu’s tone evinced signs of uneasiness.  He stood irresolute, remarking the restless glances wandering to the window.  “Did something happen to Diana?” Amelia’s trembling voice betrayed her deep emotion despite of her stern composure.  Unfathomable was her worries to find Diana in dire danger. 


CCP, seeing Dr. Wu as a thorn in the back, growing ever so agitated on his anti-communism speech, began to plot schemes on his family, trying to sabotage their lives.  One of CCP’s plots to silence his voice of dissent was an attempt to take his family hostage as the penetration of Communism to the world grew like octopuses whose tentacles they seemed unable to escape.  Fearing for the life of his daughter, Dr. Wu had already arranged Diana to flee to a remote countryside this morning where nobody knew her background.  He urged Amelia and Carly to join Diana immediately so he could be left without worries to continue his anti-communist movements of exposing the camouflaged schemes, demagogic swindles and sinister conspiracies of a worldwide dictatorship by the loathsome communists before the CCP closed in on his family and used them as a threat.   


There Amelia found herself perturbed with vehement emotion met by Dr. Wu’s watchful eye, so cold and authoritative.  She felt for the moment eerie under the adroit dexterity of his speech.  She was asked not to utter a word nor whisper a sound until she reached the destination. 


The countryside turned out to be a remote tribal village.  She had no knowledge of where she was.  No sooner had she gotten off onto the land to ask any question than a violent fever seized her.  She lingered on the brink of the grave, lying there restless, pale and emaciated.  Dr. Wu had provided her with the best herbal medicine there was in this remote village.  She was nursed back to health three months later.  Though Amelia, a woman of sense and fortitude, never hysterical, never capricious, never sullen or irrational, her worse ailment persisted, an unutterable wretchedness of mind: a wretchedness which drove her crazy now and then, reminding her endlessly of her reminiscence of Diana.  Though Amelia was comfortably settled in the village with Carly and showered by the hospitality of the villagers, she missed Diana greatly. 


Language barrier had prevented her from leaving this place.  The sanguine hope that Diana was still in their sweet little home deserted her when not a single word returned with all her letters back home.  Time was critical.  The outlook of reuniting with Diana got dimmer after three months had passed when she lay in bed, incommunicative.  “Where could she be and what could have happened to her?”  She feared the consequence of this separation.  Her mind filled with affright.  Suffused with worry and anxiety, she could find no hiatus of ease. 


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Written by Elisa English, all rights reserved.


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