As you know, I can’t stand the heat.  I completely lost my appetite while I was back in Taiwan in June.  Now that I am back to the US and the weather starts to get hotter, all I am thinking is sitting there doing nothing.  As the weather gets hotter, I feel drowsier and more lethargic.  I have to try to keep myself active so I don't sleep all day long like our cat.  It is hard to keep motivated to stay alert.  I hate summers for the heat and the mosquitoes. 


Updated: 7/12/11

By the way, my tolerance of heat and humidity is very low.  When I said that I hate summers, I meant I hate summers for the fact that I cannot fully enjoy outdoor activities because of the heat and the mosquitoes.  I have to stay indoors most of the time, inside our house, in the office or at the Mall.  We have central air in our house and the temperature is set at 76 degrees Farenheit which is about 24 degrees Celcius.  There is also central air in the office and I don't have to get out of the buildings.  The skyway is good for both summers and winters to shield us from the heat and the cold.  Anyway, I just like to whine.  I know that I would not have any problem with summers if I live in California for the luke-warm weather it has throughout the year.  However, I do hear people complaining living in California for the plain weather it gets.  Anyway, since I can't think of anything to write, complaining seems to be the best way.  ^.^             


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