A Copycat


I am sorry that I have to bore you with yet another article related to cats.


About three weeks ago on Good Friday, a week before the stray cat showed up on our deck, when my daughter’s daycare and my son’s school as well as my company were closed, I took my kids out to run some errands and to have lunch. After lunch, we visited a bookstore. My daughter wanted to buy a book. If you have been following my blog, you will know that my daughter adores her brother immensely and likes to copy his every move. Naturally, she wants to buy a chapter book like her big brother even though she has very limited vocabulary and can only read very simple sentences. She picked “The Sight” in the Power of Three series of Warriors. I don’t know if this somehow signaled our encounter with the cat a week later.


Anyway, my mind just wandered when my son started reading this book. Was it truly a coincidence?


Written by Elisa English

On May 18th, 2011


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