A License to Kill


Can you imagine an eleven-year-old having a license to operate a rifle and kill a duck?  Based on our community center’s catalog, kids as young as eleven years old can take a hunter training course and upon completing the course, they are allowed to use a shotgun and hunt for animals unaccompanied by any adult.  I was so shock to learn so I searched online and found out that a youth as young as nine years old can obtain a license to kill unaccompanied after completing a Hunter Education Training Course.  Wow!  Talking about independence and leaving all the responsibilities to the kids.  A nine-year-old child is still a child needing plenty of guidance from the adults. 


Can you imagine an eleven-year-old driving behind the wheels?  This is what the Mercedes Driving Academy is promoting.  How can you expect a child who can barely peer over the steering wheel to drive a car?  I was shocked to learn that a child as young as 14 years old can obtain a regular license and drive on the road unaccompanied in South Dakota.  Though in Minnesota, they have waited until they reach 15 years old to get a learner’s permit and drive accompanied, but they can get a regular license at age 16 to drive unaccompanied.


We are putting too much responsibility on our kids these days.  Though Americans strive for independence, this has created more chaos and death by allowing immature kids to kill and drive on the road. 


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