Thanksgiving lunch.


This year’s Thanksgiving, we decided to venture on dining at a fine diner – McCormick & Schmicks at downtown Minneapolis.  I like that restaurant a lot because I like eating seafood.  I work downtown, so I would dine there every now and then.  It has pretty good seafood dishes. 


Initially, I was afraid of bringing our kids to dine there.  You know our kids.  They are wild and have no table manners.  I decided to take a quantum leap of faith and gave it a try.  I was pleasantly surprised that our kids behaved surpassingly well.  The food was great.  It offered not only the traditional turkey meal but the regular entrees, which I preferred.  My son ordered the chicken tenders and my daughter ordered Macaroni and Cheese.  To my amazement, the kids’ dishes were exceptionally inexpensive and prepared with great details and efforts.  With only $4.99, it was unlike any kids’ meal I have ever seen.  They were succulently delicious.     


I ordered the perfect combination with shrimp and salmon.  My husband had chef George’s recommendation of wild opah from Catalina Island of Southern California.


I am glad that we went to that restaurant for our unconventional Thanksgiving meal. 



This is the website to my favorite restaurant.   


By the way, this is a picture we took at the IDS building after finishing our Thanksgiving lunch.



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