Some of my readers have asked if I can provide a list of grammar resource.  I don’t really keep track of the grammar sites I visited when trying to validate my points.  You might have noticed that not all grammar sites are good at explaining all grammar rules and sometimes they might contradict one another.


Anyway, since you asked, I decided to spend some time locating some of the resource.  They are randomly listed.  By the way, I do not have time to go through each one of them and point out which ones I believe to be more accurate or more acceptable.  At a glance, they look fine to me.  As I said earlier, there may be contradicting grammar viewpoints from each grammar site.  There are traditional grammarians of earlier times who imposed a Latin-like structure on our language by diktat, and there are modern linguists who prefer discourse analysis.  If you come across some rules that sound questionable, always ask and do more research. 


List of Grammar Resource:


1. Resources for English as a Second Language


2.  Grammar Bytes


3.  The Hunter College Reading/Writing Center


4.  BBC Learning English


5.  The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation


6.  ELC Study Zone – offered by University of Virginia


7.  English  free website for learners and teachers of English


8.  Writing Lab – offered by University of West Florida


9.  The Writing Center – HyperGrammar: offered by University of Ottawa, Canada


10.  The King’s English (by H.W. Fowler)  


11.  Daily Grammar Lessons


13.  The Purdue Online Writing Lab


14.  Elements of Style (by Williams Strunk)


15.  Guide to Grammar and Writing (by Dr. Charles Darling)


16.  Common Error in English Usage (by Paul Brians)


17.  Fowler’s Modern English Usage

This link is to  I couldn’t remember when I bought this book.  It was published in 1983.


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