A correlative conjunction always shows up in pairs, linking sentence elements of the same kind.  Remember parallelism with correlative conjunctions.  Use matching grammatical forms on the words which follow the correlative conjunctions to ensure parallelism.


相關連接詞是由兩個或多個字組成的連接詞。相關連接詞兩邊的文法關係必須對稱 - 所連接的部份是同等關係。


Common correlative conjunctions are:

both ... and, either ... or, neither ... nor, whether ... or, not only ... but (also), as ... as, so ... as, so … that, such … that



For example:
He not only plays piano but (also) plays violin.
= He plays not only piano but (also) violin.

He likes to play both piano and violin.


You must either answer the door or pretend to be out. 


Neither Jerry nor Nancy cooperates with me


Raising a family can be both satisfying and comforting.


Whether to go for a walk or to watch TV is a big decision for the family.

He decides to do it not only to buy a house but (also) to raise a family.

He likes her not only for her beauty but (also) for her intelligence.

He is mad not only at her arrogance but (also) at her indifference.


Higher education not only can land a better job easier but also can get a promotion faster.


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