Gone with the wind


I am kind of sad to see two of the mature evergreen blue spruce trees vaporizing in thin air.  They were planted 40 years ago to mark the borders between our house and our neighbors’.  They had grown to roughly 3 ½ stories high.  The wind on Tuesday, as strong as a category two hurricane, knocked down both trees and pulled them up from the roots.  The tree closer to our garage had a huge base in which many small animals like to hide.  We have seen chipmunks, rabbits and turtles hiding in there.  Since they were planted to mark the borders of our houses, they were owned by us and our neighbor.  One of the tree fell down on top of my neighbor’s roof and the other fell down on our drive way.  Luckily, they didn’t create much damage.    


My neighbor managed to trim off the branches but it turned out to be more than he can handle.  The workers were here this morning to grind up the tree branches.  In less than 10 minutes, you cannot find any trace of the trees’ existence.  I am still moaning for them.   I don’t have a good picture of the trees before they were damaged. 


We have plenty of mature trees around our house since we live right next to a nature-preserved park.  About half a year ago, a worker who was reroofing our house advised that we saw off an evergreen coniferous tree right next to my son’s room for the damage it could cause if it were knocked down by the storm.  I think that we were fortunate to have taken the advice.  I can’t image the damage it would do to our house if struck down by the wind.  The one that I am worried about is the cottonwood tree next to my room.  It is extremely tall with a seemingly weak trunk.  Maybe we should hire someone to saw it off but then we will be left with no privacy. 



Oh, the beauty of the nature and the cruelty of it.


My son, almost 2 years old, plowing the leaves near the Blue Spruce.  You can see that it was an extremely big tree.  This was the one that fell down on our drive way.




This was when my neighbor attempted to saw off the tree branches after it was damaged.  You can probably see the soil that came up with the root. 




This is the other tree that fell on top of my neighbor's roof.  You can see that my neighbor had attempted to trim off some of the branches near the bottom.




This is what the area looks like now.


Written by Elisa English, 版權所

On 10/28/10 in Minneapolis


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