How to become a member of pixnet and be able to leave me a message?


A few of you have stated the frustration with signing up for a pixnet account.  It is actually pretty easy.  I am sorry that I have requested you to be a member of pixnet in order to leave me messages and also to be added as my friend to be able to leave comments on my article.  All these are set up to discourage some people from sabotaging my articles and to protect myself from any vicious attack.  It helps me to ban inappropriate messages and be able to blacklist any reader with a hidden agenda. 


These are the steps to sign up for a pixnet account and become a member.


Go to


Select the link: 馬上免費註冊


Just enter the information requested on the required fields marked *


When you get to the birthdate field, you can close the calendar view by clicking at the “x” on the top right hand side of the calendar.  You will then be able to manually type in your birthdate.



Then click on “register”.


You will be directed to the view stating that the membership application process is complete and the activation email has been sent to your email account.  You will need to log in your email account to activate your pixnet account.  Click on the account activation link on your email and your pixnet account will be activated. 


Click on “return to homepage”, and then “會員登入”.  Enter your account name and password, and then “進入管理後台”, here you will be able to set up your profile, blog settings, and etc.


If you have any question, please let me know.  I hope that creating a pixnet account will not create too much of a hassle for you.  


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