Now, I am really mad.  It was a coincidence that I found someone posting some of my poem translations on his blog without my permission.  At a social networking site, he asked to be my friend.  Out of curiosity, I checked out his blog entries and found out that he had posted my poem translations without my permission and taking credit for my work.  All my articles are copyrighted.  I would like to state for the last time.  Please do not copy and paste any of my articles.  Please remove all my articles from any of your blog.  If you trully like my articles and want to share with everyone, please just provide link to my blog.  My blog address is  I will take legal actions if necessary. 


I do not appreciate people copying and pasting my articles.    

You do not automatically get the permission to copy and paste my articles.  I do request that you notify me first to get my permission.  Without my permission, any reposting of my articles is considered a violation of my copyright and legal actions will be taken.


** 版權所有 – Elisa English 





沒有得到我 (Elisa English) 的許可不可轉貼我的文章及翻譯。我聲明,我保留所有權利, 包括複製和粘貼發表到另一個部落格。請刪除在您的部落格我的所有文章及翻譯, 否則我將採取法律行動。

From Elisa English on 8/11/10。



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