While I was single, after graduating from school, with plenty of time on my hand, besides frequenting the gym and playing racquetball with my friends, I found reading Stephen King’s novels to be a good pastime.  Like I said in my previous articles, nothing is 100% impossible.  I read Stephen King’s novels for the sole purpose of opening my mind and stimulating my imagination.  Stephen King is a novelist with unrivalled imagination, though in a macabre way.  Some of the plots may seem quite disturbing to many of us.


By the way, I am not here to talk about his novels.  Maybe I will do that in the future.  Before I talk about a story of my mom’s, I would like to ask you a question.  Do you believe in afterlife, the resurrection of Jesus and the fairytale-like healing stories of Falundafa?  Do gods, ghosts, spirits, and aliens (E.T.) exist? Have you ever watched “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” television show?  Are all of them just a hoax?  Is human cloning a possibility?  Is it possible that one can dream the same dreams as some strangers or own telepathic ability?  Can you say with 100% certainty that any of this is 100% impossible?  Though I have doubt, huge doubt that they could be true but I cannot say it with 100% certainty that they don’t exist, just because I have not experienced it.  My husband likes to say “Never say never”.  Actually, his precise words are “不要太鐵齒” 


By now, you must be very anxious to find out what happened to my mom.  It happened roughly two and a half years after my brother was born.  At that time, my parents had moved up to Taipei and left their hometown for quite some time.  My grandma was at her late sixties, with no apparent health problem.  There was no reason for my mom to think that my grandma would die any minute, so the Chinese saying “when you think of it all the time, you will dream of it” did not apply in that case.  You can probably figure out where the story is heading.  My grandma passed away.  At the moment that she passed away, she travelled thousands of miles to appear in my mom’s dream.  In my mom’s dream, my grandma was trying to say something to my mom but instead she coughed.  My mom gave my grandma a handkerchief.  When my grandma returned the handkerchief back to my mom, what my mom got wasn’t a handkerchief any more.  Instead, it was a piece of paper (ghost) money with blood stain on it.  My mom felt extremely sad and woke up from her dream.  My mom called home right away to find my grandma died at the moment when my mom had that dream.  My mom believed that my grandma came to say goodbye to her youngest daughter who lives several miles away from home for the very last time.


Is the story too surreal to be real?  To my mom, it was as real as she will testify.  Sometimes, not all things are scientifically explainable.  I wish to keep a skeptical eye and an open mind.  Maybe everyone of it is scientifically explainable, only that our science is currently not  advanced enough to explain it. 



Written By Elisa English

On 6/2/10 in Minneapolis

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