I am so heart stricken by the news about the disaster in Taiwan brought by Typhoon Morakot.  Reading the news is so unbearable.  I cannot finish reading one without my face covered with tears.


Please stop here if you are a supporter of Mr. Ma Ying-Jeou as below contains comments about my anguish against Mr. Ma.  These are solely my own opinions and I am not interested in engaging in any debate.


I am also so angry at Mr. Ma Ying-Jeou’s handling of Typhoon Morokat that an emergency order was refrained from issuing and that assistance from international organization was not sought after right away.  I was so angry to hear his ignorance of the urgency in dealing with the disaster and that he was attending a wedding while Typhoon Morokat hit Southern Taiwan , claimed several lives and left hundreds stranded.  I am so angry to hear of his comment blaming the damage brought by Typhoon Morakot on villagers’ unwillingness to evacuate from their hometown, when asked about whether the government was doing enough to help with the evacuation.  I guess that it is always others’ faults but his.  It is like commenting that it is the suicide who wants to commit suicide and I did not push for his death.  However, is it okay to watch him commit suicide while doing nothing?  Does steering clear of all responsibilities rid you off all responsibilities?  Does that rid you off the responsibility to save him?  What an irresponsible person!  What an incapable person!  I am sorry to be so hush.  I am just so angry and can no longer stand reading about him.  I just cannot see him as a president of a country and he himself shares exactly the same view as I.  Even he himself does not think of himself as a president and wants people to call him District Head.  (Yes, to him.  Taiwan is not a country.  It is just part of a district of China, the People's Republic of China).  Isn’t that interesting?  If you don’t see Taiwan as a country, why ran for the presidency?  If you don't want to be a president, just leave the office.  If you don't think yourself highly enough to be a president, let someone else who is more capable to run the office.  What’s the point of sticking to your seat while being a watchdog for the Communist China?  All he is worth is his look (though I do not agree with that, as I cannot see him as a handsome man either) and what he is capable of is his hollow talk.


People are dying while Mr. Ma continues on his tour, campaigning around the country, rather than orchestrating rescue efforts.  More lives could have been saved if Mr. Ma is capable of quickly mobilizing the rescue and the cleanup effort.  Act like a president and own up your responsibility.  Stop acting as someone who is all talk and no walk.  Talk is cheap.  Action is everything.  Stop beating around the bushes.  Stop trying to explain your inadequacy.  Actions speak louder than words.


Afterthought 8/19/09:

Criticism helps one to improve and become a better person.  I know that nobody likes getting criticism including me. 


As a president of a country, it is especially important to be able to take the heat and the criticism.  Ignoring criticism or taking it the wrong way (thinking of it as a political agenda or  arguing it as a tatic played by the opposition party) will only make things worse.  Don't just play politics.  Right the wrongs and put your acts together.   


History will bound to repeat if the Ma administration does not take people's criticism seriously.  Criticism regarding how poorly handled the entire rescue process had been helps to prevent the government from making the same mistakes.  Don't ask people to criticize you after the rebuilding plan because they are separate issues.  If you don't know what to do the next time another disaster hits, deaths will continue to pile up and rebuilding is going to be even tougher.  What then is your excuse when another disaster strikes and the history repeats because of your ignorance to criticism?  How many deaths will it take to realize that incompetency kills people?  I am afraid to see another disaster strike in Taiwan.  Who can tell when the next disaster will hit and when it will land?  Should it take a death in the family of Ma in a disaster like this for him to realize the importance of the promptness and urgency of a well-thought rescue plan.


Don't always think of criticism as having any agenda.  It is merely people's frustration towards an incompetent administration.  Only when you take criticism seriously and introspect on what went wrong can you truly mend the mistake and prevent history from repeating itself.




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