I just got back from my 3-week vacation back to Taiwan .  This was our first time back to Taiwan in the heat of the summer.  We usually went back in the winter during Thanksgiving.  I was afraid of the heat.  The reality proved that my feel was not unfound.  I was soaked all the time.  I sweated constantly like running water.  I wore the bare minimum of cloth I could wear and had to change clothes constantly.  I washed in cold water and got all soaking wet again after the shower.  The bathroom was like a steam room even though I was washing in cold water.  It was hard for me to endure.  The humidity was unbearable.  Staying at my in-law’s house was unbearable too because we usually turned on the air-conditioner at night while we were sleeping.  It was unbearable for me.  I am so used to cold weather.  Most of the time, we were in shopping center.  However, any time away from the air-conditioner was hard for me.  Finally my body could not take it anymore and I came down with a cold after a week in Taiwan .  So I carried a cold for the remaining of my trip in Taiwan .    


I hope that I don’t have to visit Taiwan in the summer again.  However, it seems unlikely since that would be the only time we have not to interrupt our son’s school schedule.  I am glad that I am back to the US and my cold seems to go away.


I am still trying to adjust to the time difference.  Our kids woke up at 1am every morning, so I didn’t get enough sleep. 


By the way, the trip back to Taiwan wasn’t all so bad.  I enjoyed the food a lot, though I would wish that I had more opportunities to dine out.  Being with families, I was bound by the rule to dine at home the majority of the time.


Oh, I did have a pleasant surprise in realizing that my figure is comparable to that of top models in a deceiving way.  I discovered from this trip that the bra cup size is completely different from that in the US.  I could fit in a bra cup size three times larger than that in the US.  I am not talking about wonder bras or push up bras.  I hate those kinds of bras.  I am talking about regular bras without paddings at all.  By the way, the way you wear your bra also makes a huge difference in the appearance.  Isn’t that amazing!  Anyway, it is nice to think of having a body like that of a top model.  But a top model wouldn’t have a fat bottom like mine.  I have put on too much weight - 5 ½ pounds in 2 months.  I need to seriously think about exercising now.  Not that I was thinking of becoming a top model but that I am running out of pants and shorts to wear.   


Talking about our trip, we did get out of Taipei and visited Takoko Gorge in Hualien.  The scenery is pretty beautiful; however, the trip would have been perfect without the mosquitoes, the humidity and the heat.      


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