About internet usage and the attitude of studying


We do no have a Play station, a Nintendo, an X-Box or a Wii at our house, as we do not want our kids to lose themselves in the games.  However, we do buy some games on CDs for my son to play since they are rather educational.  We see no harm in that as at the time he is learning from playing.  Sometimes, we allow him to play online games offered free from Disney and Cartoon Network to reward his good performance and behaviors. 


Lately, I realized that he may have already known too many words to create chaos when searching on the web.  Kids are really like sponges.  I can barely remember when he started Kindergarten last fall that he cannot read the words on the storybook by himself, let alone writing sentences.  It is only eight months now and he is already reading alone and writing short sentences.  I was also amazed at how quickly that he comprehends additions and subtractions.  I am very proud of him.  I know that America ’s education in Math is not comparable to Taiwan ’s.  However, I am not worried because he will be competing with students in the United States , not those in Taiwan .  I don’t like pushing kids too much, especially in an effort of trying to pull stalks before they grow.  Kids should enjoy their time as kids, free from all the pressure put upon them by the parents.  I believe in free markets that they will eventually correct themselves and that theory lead to my parent rearing.  Less interference is good.  Why push kids to learn so many different things just to satisfy your ego?  Are they going to turn out to be a better person with learning all the courses ahead of others?  I do not see the Americans accomplish any less than the Chinese without all these extra tutoring. 


Let’s just allow them to follow their own phase and guide them along the way as parents should be.

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