If you are looking for a review of the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”, you will be disappointed.  This is a question to me and to the rest of you.  Can we keep our eyes wide shut, allowing economic growth at the expense of human life and human rights?  Can we keep our eyes wide shut, with silent approval to the destruction of earth to boost economic development?  Can we keep our eyes wide shut or even worse become an accomplice, caving in to the demand and indirectly promoting terrorism, just for the sake of economic interest?    


Often, we try to take the easy way out, adopting the attitude of “out of sight, out of mind”.  It is so easy to deceive ourselves into believing that we live in Utopia.  As in the United States, we seem to be shielded against most violence and threats.  Is it truly so?   Globalization has brought us closer to all other nations and the devastating effects from other countries upon us.


You probably still remember the lead paint toys, the poisonous dog food, the poisonous baby food, the poisonous toothpaste, the poisonous milk, the poisonous drywall, and the toxic drugs.  They are just too many to list.  I always think that the majority of us live in a democratic world.  If an individual poisons another person, he would be on trial for murder.  Then, how do we let a country get away with such vicious crime, poisoning thousands of people, especially when it hits so close to home?  Are we sending out the message that it is okay to kill people as long as we can make a profit out of it?  Are we condoning the suppression of human rights and massacring of people when we continue doing business with China to satisfy our own personal gains, and allowing history to repeat itself as tragedies such as Tiananmen Square Massacre, Killing of Falungong practitioners, Massacre in Tibet, and Campaign of ethnic genocide against Uighurs still so vivid in our eyes?  Does economic interest justify consenting to the killing of humankinds?      


While I read the news lately about Taiwanese protest on the resumption of US beef imports, I wondered if they are barking at the wrong tree.  Why don’t you impose sanctions against products made in China?  They are prevalent around the world with impacts immeasurable.  The probability of getting killed by Chinese imported goods is much higher than getting mad cow disease.  You can probably avoid eating imported beef from the US, but can you avoid using Chinese imported goods, which most likely to be poisonous, which truth concealed by the Chinese government, yet to be revealed.  You may have consumed without even noticing it.  It may be in the ingredients of tissue papers, Chinese medicines, western drugs, agricultural produce, toys, furniture, and etc.


I am not siding with Ma’s government on US beef imports.  I look down upon him for his cowardliness and for the incompetent government he leads.  I despise his political agenda in an effort to expedite the ties with Communist China at the expense of the Taiwanese people.  What I want to stress here is the importance of picking the right battle to fight to increase your credibility.  It is easier to target the US because it is a democratic country.  Don’t we all tend to fight with reasonable people than with unreasonable ones because we know we can reason with them?  Protesting against US beef imports, to me, is just much ado about nothing.  There are bigger fish to fry.    


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