Can you say it for sure? – a poem, just for the kicks


A recent incident prompted me to think about what is possible and what is impossible and it also brought back memories of some incidents happened on me and on my family that seemed rather unusual.  Everyone comes from different background with different values.  There are generation gaps, cultural gaps and whatever gaps lie among all of us.  Things that may sound reasonable to you might sound absurd to me.  Things that I experienced may seem hallucinations to you.  We can never force people to see it our way, although we often hear that "It is either my way, or the highway".  Anyway, this incident prompted me to write another alphabet poem.  I wrote it just for the kicks.  I can’t always find the Pierian Spring.  Just let me indulge in it for a little longer.    



Another alphabet poem written by Elisa English

On 6/3/10 in Minneapolis


A wave of emotion overcame me

Blown away was I, I could only stutter

Confused as I could ever be

Drown all my senses, I could barely utter


Every waking moment, I search

For the true meaning in life to unveil

Gasping for breath, I reach

However deep my soul can ever reveal


Impossible as it can be

Judgment lies in neither you nor me

Karma, however inconceivable, can it be true

Like the light that shines through


Mankind may someday become extinct

Nothing is constant to the greatest extent

Oh!  How we wish things to be more succinct

Possibilities nevertheless are omnipresent


Question all you may

Rebut whatever you feel free

Sometimes things just aren’t the way

They always appear to be


Underneath, we are as ignorant and

Vulnerable as we ever understand

What should we think?  What can we insist?

X-ray can never see through all the possibilities that exist.


Yelping will not bridge our gaps

Zanyism maybe how we should look at the craps


** 版權所有 – Elisa English


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