Sorry for the request.  Even though I don't know the people who visit my blog or those who leave messages to me, I would still like to ask that you use the same nickname that you used when visiting my previous blog at Yahoo.  Since I do not restrict who can leave messages on my blog,  and you can come up with any nickname you like, I do ask that you use the same nickname on my blog all the time to prevent any confusion that I might have.  This way, it helps me to track who you are and what questions you have asked in the past. 

By the way, I do know that 老爹 is James, so you are excused.    However, I don't know if pet2003 is also you or not.  If it is you, please pick one nickname and use it all the time.  Thanks!   


By the way, I don't want to have to restrict who can leave messages to me like I did with my Yahoo blog if I don't have to.


Thanks for your cooperation!


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