It has been three days.  I still struggle to put all the pieces together.  I don’t know what to think, what to say or what to write.  I thought of the incident that happened roughly five years ago.  At that time, my hormone was extremely high due to pregnancy.  I simply broke down while hearing the confirmation of the death of another coworker.  I had known him for about ten months before he developed into a full blown heart attack at work while altercating with a Medco representative on the phone over the delay of his medication.  It was too late to resurrect him.  They believed that he had died on the spot.  Five years later, when you didn’t show up for work and when nobody could reach you, they decided to call your brother to check on you at home.  It was out of your character not to notify anyone of your whereabouts and not to report to work for any reason since work was your entire life.  We were shocked to learn that you were dead.    


I heard speculations of your death from some of your close friends.  Your death makes us realize how fragile life is and what our priority should be.  It is too late to say anything at this point.  However, I still want to say that there is always a way out.  I have known you for over 10 years.  Though I was not close to you nor had I worked with you, things just don’t seem the same without you.  It is somewhat hard for me to go to the funeral.  I hate the sad scene.  I am still pondering if I should go.  If you don’t see me there, here is what I have written for you.  It might be hard for you to read because I don’t understand my own mumbling either.


Gone with the Wind – A poem

Written by Elisa English

On 11/3/2010


Life seems but an illusion

Your existence, a delusion

In the air rumors rumbled

Into dust you crumbled


Could life be so unbearable?

Following the dead was your only option

Could living become so undesirable?

Nothing else grabbed your attention


Far away, that ghostly grumble

Uttered despair in tremble

Gone with the wind you were

Nothing to infer


No one has anticipated this end

Not even your bosom friend

Dedicating all your life to work

What could have driven you to go berserk?


Have you thought of your siblings and mom?

How could they stay calm?

Unable to conceive are the people left behind

What could have gone through their mind?


I hope you find peace in your heart

To console those fallen apart

It is time for us to say farewell

Into the future as we set sail


Written by Elisa English, 版權所

On 11/3/2010 in Minneapolis


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